Nicolas with his mother and relatives in Venice, 1956 Nicolas with his brother Panos and sister Tania Nicolas' first year in Moscow with a Russian student, 1964 With a close friend of the family in Moscow, 1965 With the cellist V. Despali, switching roles; 1968 With Mike Reynolds, friend for life, 1973
With his daughter Semele With M. Argerich during the filming of 'Kreisleriana', 1983 With M. Argerich With C Corea and composer R. Shchedrin, early 80s With C. Corea, early 80s With his friend, painter and cartoonist S. Demetriades, late 70s
Dedication from L. Bernstein: "From a big pianist to the next..." With Friedrich Dürrenmatt With his daughter Semele and friends on his 1st tour to Japan, 1985 With Kaiser at Nicolas House on his birthday August 1991 With M. Argerich at the Venice Piano Festival – Pianisti non Solo, 1993