Important events in the career of Nicolas Economou


Conducts the orchestra of the Hellenic Music Academy in Nicosia (age 10 years)


Wins an award of the panhellenic piano competition ‚Kaitis Papaioannou’ in Athens at the age of 11.


At the age of 11 he is being accepted at a special school connected with the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.


He attends at the International Tchaikovsky Competition, where he fills the critics with enthusiasm. Due to this he prematurely finishes the special school of the famous Tchaikovski Conservatory in Moscow.


He passes the entrance exam of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.


Arrival in Germany. At first he lives in Düsseldorf.


Nicolas’ first concert in Cologne. The local press comments the event with the headline ‘Firehead from Cyprus’.


"English Bach Festival" critic from Andrew Poter of Financial Times praises generously Nicolas’ playing. In the same year concerts in Ipswich and other places in England.


Founder of the octet ‚Solisten Ensemble’; performance of own compositions like ‘Cyprus Dances’ and ‘Cyprus Pictures’; concerts in many german cities.


In cooperation with the Munich Cultural Centre and Dr. Elmar Zorn he organizes a ‘Cyprus Week’ in Munich.


The municipality of Munich hounors Nicolas as ‚best performer of the year’.

80’s decade

In the 80’s decade he’s not only giving concerts in nearly all countries in western Europe. He’s also touring through countries like Japan, the US, Canada, Iceland and Israel, giving solo and orchestral concerts. Two times he accepts an invitation to Russia, where he attends the international meeting of the ‚Artists Association’. Nicolas is among countless celebrated artists from all countries and arts.


Tour and LP-publication of improvisations and own compositions for two pianos with Chick Corea. Moreover since 1982 he conducts the German Youth Orchestra.


Coorganisator of the Münchner Klaviersommer (Munich Piano Summer), which is completely documented on Video. This recordings will become famous all around the world. They are now available on DVD


The Bavarian Television produces a 60 minutes documentary about Nicholas by Klaus Voswinkel called ‚Kreisleriana’.

1983 & 85

Frieburg Festival of Alex Heisler ( friend of N. E.) with participations of various artists from around the world, also from the broader world of art, where N. E. plays the piano and conducts the orchestra.


Bob Wilson asks several composers – among them Philip Glass and Nicolas – to work on his big project ‘Civil War’, a 14 hour opera on the occasion of the Olympic Games of Los Angeles. The part composed by Nicolas is performed in Paris.


A seat at the Prinzregententheater bears Nicolas’ name next to seats of other prominent artists.


Production of the swiss television in Zurich with the primaballerina Maja Plisetskaja dancing and Nicolas improvising on the piano. (Nicolas maintains close ties with Maja’s husband Rodion Schedrin)


Nicolas conducts the famous ‘Moscow Chamber Orchestra’ (former known as ‘Barschai’) with works by Mozart, Shostakovic and Tchaikovsky.


Nicolas is honoured with the ‚Tevkros Anthias and Theodosis Pierides Prize’ by the political party AKEL for his artistic merits.


He is accepted into the "Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europea", whose members are noble prize winners, artists, politicians and others.


Nicolas is artistic director, solist and conducter of the "Pianisti non solo" Festival in Venice.


Lykostratos’ the last concert in the city hall of Nicosia, where he sets on stage a presentation of various kinds of music and literature related to Mozart.


After his death the municipality of Paphos honours Nicolas with the ‚Aphrodite Prize’.