Nicolas Economou Foundation Activities

Our Mission

The Nicolas Economou Foundation (NEF), a non-profit organization, was established in the Spring of 1995 in the name of Nicolas Economou - the pianist, composer and thinker - who passed away at the early age of 40 in a car accident in 1993. The idea of the Foundation originated from Nicolas's family and friends soon after his tragic demise. Its aspirations are to publish Nicolas's work and attempt to realize one of his dreams:

"To set up in Cyprus a Centre where Arts and Sciences would meet, a new breeding ground for young people who would view that, for small societies like Cyprus, the best defense against cultural and military threats, is the development of their intellectual might rather than the development of their military strength, the development of their own culture - a common channel of communication among peoples." 

As a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Nicolas was planning to link Cyprus with Europe by associating the Centre with this prestigious European organisation. He was looking to attract the attention of the Europeans to the rich talent of this Mediterranean island, aspiring to make Cyprus a cultural crossroads in the region. Nicolas was a strong personality whose persistence in achieving his goals would surely have managed to make a start in realizing his very ambitious dream, for other generations to carry on, had he been given the time. The newly established NEF is well aware of the effort that is required if such an attempt is to succeed. This is why the Foundation appeals to all who identify themselves with these goals to join and help each other in realizing this dream.

About the Foundation

The premises of the Nicolas Economou Foundation are located at 42 Niki court, Nikou Pattichi street in Limassol, where many of Nicolas's belongings relating to his professional and private life are kept. All his recordings, musical compositions and literary work, published or unpublished, are available to anyone who wishes to study them. There is a library comprising, at this stage, his personal books on music, literature and other topics.

His vast personal collection of records and CDs is also housed there. Both the library and the recorded music collection will be enriched in order to make the premises of the Foundation a working Centre for anyone (members and non-members) wishing to research subjects related to the Arts. It is hoped that the Foundation's computer system will be linked with international networks in order to assist students and others to retrieve literature on specialised subjects not readily available in Cyprus. The premises host small events such as lectures, exhibitions, recitals and seminars. Activities introducing young persons to music and other art-related subjects on a regular and free of charge basis are also planned.

The key objective of the Foundation is to encourage the advancement of culture in any form in which this may present itself. An outline of the Foundation's aims is given below:

1. As a tribute to Nicolas Economou, the Foundation has set itself the task of collecting all of Nicolas's work, recorded performances, compositions and literary work, which will be classified and eventually published. The foundation is currently in the process of publishing 7 cds of recorded music with the record label "SUONI e COLORI" of which 4 have been published so far.

2. Another important task for the Foundation is to help talented young persons to pursue their dreams by helping them study art-related subjects. A three year study grant is offered to talented individuals selected every year by the Grants Committee of the Foundation (one grant per year). Other forms of financial assistance to exceptional individuals promoting the Arts and the Sciences are also available.

3. The Foundation organises cultural events such as music recitals and concerts, lectures, seminars and art exhibitions, and two major musical events being the annual Memorial concert in memory of Nicolas, and the summer festival.

4. The Foundation is also open to collaboration with other cultural organisations, which share the same aspirations, in order to promote cultural activities.